UKITA AKIIE(1567-1616)

P1010742 富山城松田2 ime_0030ime-2pg 野殿大返し図最終_edited-2The last Lord of Tomiyama Castle(Okayama pref.),UKITA AKIIE (Also called Sakazaki Dewanokami) was a prominent commander of Ukita family in the Senguku period.  This time, the fact of admiration of birth of the Ukita Akiie became clear.

Ukita family was the ruler of the Province of Bizen Okayama(Okayama pref.)

In the Sengoku period, three heros, such as Oda Nobunaga,Toyotomi Hideyosi and Tokugawa Ieyasu struggled and reunified the country.

  1. Hideyoshi fought with Mouri family at Takamatsu(Okayama pref.)under the order of Nobunaga.On hearing of the death of his master Nobunga,Hideyosi made peace with Mouri family.
  2. Hideyosi led all his troops back to Kyoto in only 10 days in order to succeed Nobunaga,
  3. Akiie joined the Hideyosi’s army through Takamatsu Castle flooding operation,
  4. After the death of Hideyoshi,the biggest civil war in Japanese history,the Battle of Sekigahara broke out(Gifu pref.).By winning this war,Ieyasu came to power as the first Tokugawa Shogun.He got promotion from a minor lord to a middle class lord.
  5. He changed his name to Sakazaki Dewanokami.
  6. Akiie joined Ieyasu’s army,and by his distinguished service,he became the lord of Tsuwano Caste(Shimane pref.).
  7. Ieyasu’s army and Ishida Mitsunari’s army fought a fierce battle(1600).

(c)Ieyasu was the final winner in the Sengoku period.

Even after the battle of Sekigahara,Toyotomi Hideyori(Hideyoshi’s son and his heir) entrenched himself in Osaka Castle.

Hideyori was Ieyasu’s fearful rival.

Ieyasu attacked Osaka Castle and a fierce battle lasted.

Eventually,Toyotomi family perished when Hideyori and his mother Yodogimi killed themselves in raging flames.

Dewanokami saved Senhime, Hideyori’s wife (also Ieyasu’s granddaughter) from the flamed Osaka Castle.

Ieyasu promised Dewanokami,if Dewanokami saved Senhime,he would be permitted to marry her.

But,Tokugawa family broke the promise and Senhime eventually married Honda Tadatoki.

Dewanokami tried to kidnap Senhime,but he failed.

In the end,he was killed.

Note1.Ukita Naoie

The lord of Bizen Okayama Castle(Okayama pref.).

He appears on the NHK TV program”Gunshi Kanbei”.

Note2.Ukita Tadaie

Yonger brother of Ukita Naoie.

Ukita Akiie is his second son.

Note3.Toyotomi Hideyori

Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s son and his heir.

He married Senhime who was born as Ieyasu’s granddaughter.

Daughters were often a tool to conciliate their rivals.

Note4. Honda Tadatoki

One of the foremost vassals of Ieyasu.

Note5.Ishida Mitsunari

Key vassal of Hideyoshi.

In the Battle of Sekigahara(1600),he led the Toyotomi army against the Tokugawa army.

Note6.Gunshi Kanbei

NHK TV program now on the air(2014).

Three heros,Oda Nobunaga,Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu appear.

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